5 Ways To Build Healthy And Professional Work Relationships

The workplace is not just a stressful one because of the pressures and expectations at work, but also because of the relationships. Sometimes, what determines why people leave or stay in a company is the relationships that they have built inside. It affects all aspects of a person’s well-being, including their physical, emotional, mental, and psychological wellness. This is the reason why, according to therapists, all levels of interpersonal relationships at work are very crucial.

Here are five, among the many, ways for you to build healthy and professional relationships at work:


Develop Your Emotional Intelligence


More than mental knowledge, people now have come to realize, emotional intelligence is vital to develop healthy relationships at work. Emotional intelligence means that you are self-aware. You know your emotions, recognize your triggers, and manage your limitations properly. It also means that you can empathize with others. You can put yourself in the shoes of others and understand how they would feel in their situation. 

Emotional intelligence is essential because it makes work relationships human-like instead of being purely transactional. It draws people towards you because they can see that you value them.


Listen Actively And Intentionally


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The problem in the workplace is too often, people are given a chance to be heard, but listen. To listen actively means that you give your 100% attention while to the person talking. To do that, you need to have an open mind as to what other people will say. As a result of actively listening, you give useful feedback and not just a passive nod. Meanwhile, to listen intently means you willingly make way to hear other people. You initiate questioning or dig deeper into details to understand what others are thinking about. 

It means that active and intentional listening are just manifestations of your inherent desire to understand other people. It tells them that you do care about their thoughts and not just your ideas.


Be Humble And Grateful


The workplace is an area of growth and change. Sooner or later, you may find yourself in a more pleasant place than you were before. In times like this, remember to be humble. Never take your achievements to your head to the point that you become too proud. Being overly proud one of the many ways to quickly destroy relationships. Aside from being humble, be thankful. Never put down or speak negatively about the people who helped you work your way up the corporate ladder. 

High positions easily lure people into boasting. Do not fall into this trap. Being too proud can significantly affect relationships between the team you are leading and other colleagues. Always remember that fame and glory will soon fade, but healthy relationships that bring you peace of mind are irreplaceable.


Understand People’s Differences


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People at work necessarily have different interests in mind. As a result, there will always be disagreement in one area or another. It is normal, and instead, ineradicable, part of working with a group of people. The key, therefore, is to understand and accept people’s differing opinions. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean that they are wrong. It is a false dichotomy to think when two parties disagree, one is right and the other is wrong. There could have just been a difference in points of view.

It is always best to settle differences half-way through compromise. However, if it remains to be a deadlock, people can always agree to disagree and then escalate the matter to a higher authority that could impartially decide.


Be Transparent And Avoid Gossip


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Healthy relationships do not mean that you are always having a good time. It also means that you can argue and disagree, but still find a way to settle your issues. Amid all these relational concerns, remember to be honest. Never put a face in front of someone and suddenly change the look when in front of another. Be transparent in your dealings and own up to your mistakes when criticized. Be accountable.

Moreso, avoid gossip. Do not be a conduit of lies and fake news. When faced with disagreement, coordinate with all concerned members and talk it down properly in a professional meeting. Anything less than that would always backfire. 

Especially with the changing demographics of millennials slowly comprising a large part of our workforce, healthy relationships at work are becoming more and more of a necessity. A lot of people nowadays cannot withstand staying in a company with a toxic interpersonal environment, whether it be towards their boss or their colleagues. As such, actively taking part in building healthy workplace relationships should be everyone’s priority.

Psychology 101: How To Know If You’re With The Right Man

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Psychology expert or not, it seems natural to deduce that you wish that the next man you fall in love with is the one. Some women are not scared of voicing it out, considering they have gone through a few relationships, which have all ended in heartbreaks. Meanwhile, others try to put up a chill facade and claim that they are not looking for anything serious, even though they hope deep down that they have made the right choice this time.

The real deal about finding the man that you will want to settle down with years later is that he may not be the ideal guy that you have described to your friends before. It is quite rare for men and women alike to come across their “perfect match.” There are a few lucky souls that have achieved that, but it does not seem to be possible for everyone to be that lucky. Nevertheless, the thought of your ideal man may go away once you meet the right one for you.

Here are some tips to know if you are with the right man now.

1. You Can Be Yourself

When you and your partner have only started dating, it is normal for the two of you to act prim and proper to avoid scaring each other away. You have no idea about what makes one another tick; that’s why you may not want to be too relaxed and give everything away at once. However, the more you meet up with this man, the more you should be able to loosen up and show your true colors. That is how you can figure out if your partner can accept everything about you.

To be specific, the right guy for you will not run towards the other direction once he sees your bare face. He understands when you feel too lazy to cook or even go out on a date. In truth, this man may even prepare a meal for you and play a movie that you love so that you can have a makeshift date at home.

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2. You Need Not To Worry About Misunderstandings

I am a firm believer of the idea that both men and women in a relationship should put in enough effort to please each other. For instance, it is not ridiculous for you to always try to look great when you are with your man. You can lavish him with material and immaterial gifts as well from time to time, and no one can criticize you for that. You want to express your feelings to that person, after all.

Nonetheless, when you get too busy at work to do the same things, the right man will not be disappointed if you fail to do such activities as often as before. Since he is aware of your hardships, he may use the opportunity to return the favor by a hundred-fold so that you can feel how special you are in his eyes.

3. You Can Open Up About Your Issues Without Facing Judgment

Being an adult who has had a life of your own before meeting your partner, there’s a chance for you to come across problems here and there. The promotion that you have been dreaming of has been snagged by a colleague, for example, or you have forgotten to send a paper at school and received an F because of that.

Opening up about such failures cannot be easy even if you are already talking to your family and friends. When you are with your man, however, it feels as if the words flow freely out of your system. You mention how upset or embarrassed you are due to what has happened. Although you may not admit it to anyone else, you don’t mind telling your partner that you are to blame for the situation as well. In your hindsight – and based on experience – you know that this man will never judge you.

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4. You Are Both Always Willing To Compromise

Some people do not believe that opposite poles attract. They think that this idea has merely been created by fanatics of fictional characters who also happen to be star-crossed lovers. That is especially true for individuals who have recently split with their boyfriend or spouse because of their incompatibilities.

The standing truth, though, is that couples who have more dissimilarities than similarities can stay together if both individuals are willing to compromise. Say, you want to watch The Proposal at home, while your man is into watching NBA live. If he agrees to sit on the couch and watch a rom-com movie even if he cringes when Ryan Reynolds’ naked butt is on screen, then you should go to the games with him. Not every man can make compromises with a woman; the fact that he fulfills his promise should allow you to see that he is a keeper.

Final Thoughts

Doesn’t it feel good to love and be loved? That is, perhaps the most magical sensation you can ever experience. You can enjoy this feeling more when you know that you are already with the right man.

How To Deepen Your Bond With Your Partner



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Harmonious relationships are not very hard to achieve. That is one finding from one of the many studies about marriage. But the other good news for partners and lovebirds is that if you’re in a great relationship, whether you’re married or not, you can keep that relationship for good by following new activities and behaviors and incorporate them into the relationship. While a lot of experts say that partners need to deal with problems that they face head-on to reduce the tension and anxiety in the relationship, a few recent studies show that adding fresh, positive behavioral patterns to your bond as partners has a more advantageous impact on their happiness.

Here are some ways to deepen your bond with your partner and have a happier, more harmonious relationship.


Acknowledge That Your Partner Is Unique

We often have moments when we wish our partner were richer, more sensitive, sexier, and so on. Before you wish again, examine your expectations and compare them to your reality. Perhaps your expectations have become too unrealistic, and these may lead to constant frustration, which may be the primary reason why most relationships with too high expectations fail. Learn to accept your partner’s pros and cons, including his flaws. Love his perfect imperfection.


Drop Some Nice Words Or Do Small Deeds

Leave a note beside the bed in the morning, like, “Just went to buy some breakfast. Love you.” In the evening, when your partner is busy working on some papers in your home, slip in some Jasmine tea and kiss him to tell him you care. When you’re together, hold hands or give each other a peck on the cheek. These are small gestures that are vital to keeping your bond strong and deep.

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Commit Ten Minutes Daily To Connect

Maybe you think you and your partner are effectively communicating because you talk to each other every day. But do you talk profoundly about things that matter, things that create more love and understanding for each other? Happy couples that were interviewed in a study say that they do talk all the time, not about them but different things. This way, they felt that they know each other in four essential aspects: common stressors, important values, friends, and dreams. Committing to talking about things other than yourselves will change your relationship on a deeper level, with more life and a better outlook about the world.


Find Ways To Fall In Love Again And Again

Go on dates that you haven’t tried before, like hiking or biking together, the opera, or going on an overnight trip while the kids are in their grandparents’. Do some couple yoga or paint together. Discover something new about each other and love each other all over again. Don’t take your partner’s talents and skills for granted and be proud of what he can do. Not everybody can do what he can. And tell him how awesome he is, and vice versa. Keep the fire burning.


Grow Together

Your bond is like life itself that needs to be nourished so it can grow productively. The best way to do this is to make positive change together. Even doing some small shifts in roles can spark some excitement in the relationship. For instance, instead of the wife cooking dinner, the husband can offer to do the cooking for a week, polish his culinary skills. You might also want to your favorite bar or restaurant when you were still high school sweethearts. Do something that will cut the routine and avoid boredom. A relationship becomes dull and uninteresting when change or growth is not introduced into it. Do you want real change and excitement? Join a couple’s retreat in the Maldives!

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Communication Should Be Healthy

Couples who have been together for a long time agree that good communication skills are what held their bond strong and deep. They didn’t only ask what the other partner needed, but they also told their partner what they really needed.


When this happens in a relationship, your partner doesn’t have to second-guess how you feel about you going out with your friends. You’ll know straightforwardly what you both want and don’t want. Therefore, stress is definitely less. The arguing, the fighting, and the name calling decreases, or disappears. There is only more love, understanding, respect, and passion.






Best Breeds Of Therapy Dogs That Help With Anxiety

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It is widely known that dogs are four-legged blessings. They support those struggling with a mental illness, such as anxiety, with much better results than just attending a usual therapy treatment. With their loving and affectionate nature, it’s hard not to get increased serotonin levels or happy chemicals in one’s body. Continue reading “Best Breeds Of Therapy Dogs That Help With Anxiety”

Anxiety 101: How To Stand Tall Even When You Feel Like Cowering On The Ground

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Anxiety is one of the most frightening enemies that you can ever encounter. It is invisible to others; that’s why many people might think that you are merely making things up or that you are nothing but an attention-seeker. When it attacks, you tend to feel like a bird trapped in a cage. Your movements are limited; you assume that anyone who looks at you is there to get you.

The thing is, no matter how much you believe that letting the fear consume you will eventually free you from all your misery, there is no guarantee that it will genuinely happen. In case you have never heard of it before, anxiety shares the top spot with depression when it comes to mental illnesses that destroy people’s lives. It is incurable by medicine as well; hence, you cannot rely on psychologists or psychiatrists to solve the matter on your behalf.

All the same, there is still one person to gain strength from– yourself.

Here are a few practical tips on how to stand tall even though you feel like cowering on the ground because of anxiety.

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Choose Not To Suffer From The Disorder

Pain is something that you can inevitably experience due to the mental condition. It hurts when anxious feelings become active, and it seems as if your world is getting smaller and darker. While the anxiety is silent, though, it may still be troublesome to deal with individuals who ridicule you for fearing an object or activity that they do not.

Despite that, you can opt not to allow yourself to suffer from that kind of pain. You may feel the latter for some time before letting it go so that you can live another day. In this manner, the disorder – and the people who mean you no good – will have zero control over you.

Calm Your Thoughts

The folks with social anxiety tend to worry about getting embarrassed in front of a meeting or saying something that might humiliate others. Those who have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are afraid of being in a situation that is beyond their usual routine. The individuals who have to live with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) typically look behind their backs, thinking that the inflictor of their injuries, either physical or mental, might sneak up on them anytime.

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The truth that most anxiety patients fail to realize is that a considerable portion of their distressing thoughts is merely a product of their imagination. Not every person you meet is hateful or out for blood. It is okay if things do not go as planned; that’s what makes the day more interesting than ever sometimes. Furthermore, you are safe among the people who love you.

It is best to keep such ideas in mind to prevent your brain from always going haywire.

Feel Your Emotions

Perhaps because a phobia is too scary for an individual to think about, many folks choose to stay away from its source as far as possible. It is a taboo topic during gatherings; anyone who dares to mention it ends up jeopardizing their friendship with the anxious fellow. They either shut down or scream until their voice is hoarse as well if they so much as catch a glimpse of the object of their trepidation.

Different reactions, but same result, if we are honest. You ought to allow the fear to roll throughout your system before it can find its way out. You won’t be able to seek a shortcut here because that does not apply to any mental disorder.

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Final Thoughts

You should avoid berating yourself every single time that anxiety attacks and you cannot follow the tips given above. More than overcoming your illness, after all, it is vital to show some self-compassion and not curse whenever you see your reflection in the mirror.

Remember that the enemy at this point is not you. You are merely a human being who tends to feel scared and experience loss at times. You can never have a perfect attitude; you cannot always feel good about yourself. It is silly to assume that everything will be fine immediately. Nevertheless, wanting to beat anxiety, regardless of how much of a challenge it may be, is more than enough.

Good luck!


How To Handle The Stress Of Adult Sibling Rivalry

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Sibling Rivalry Stress: You Can Handle It!

Parenting blogs all over the internet, articles, and books usually talk about sibling rivalry among children and it has required more attention than anything else. In some points, it intensifies as the years pass and does not only happen during childhood. Talks regarding favoritism and being the best son or daughter lead to further arguments on who gets the most attention. You’re not alone if you experience being compared to your sibling or members of the family. Although parents usually love their adult children, it may be typical for a parent to support or be fond of a particular adult child over the others which leads to competition among siblings.

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Supporting Your Friend During Their Battle Against PTSD

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When you think of your best friend as part of the family, it is tough to see him suffer from a mental condition as unforgiving as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The person who used to be cheerful has become easily irritated. You need to walk on eggshells whenever talking to him because you have no clue about the topics that might cause his irrational anger to come out. You may not even know how he is doing unless you drop by his place since he has already lost interest in socializing.

Although this kind of pal is quite tempting to leave behind, you should try to lengthen your patience. Your friend needs your assistance now more than ever. It is uncertain whether he knows that or is too shy to tell you about it. However, if you decide to be there during his battle against the symptoms of PTSD, you can do the following to express your support.


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Stay Considerate

Having PTSD practically entails that your friend has lost control over his behavior, thinking pattern, and other aspects of life. If he has always been independent, you can tell how challenging and scary the new situation may be for him. Because of that, as someone deeply invested in his well-being, you should be more considerate of how you act around him.

For example, in case your buddy is not opening up about his traumatic experience, you should avoid asking about it. The fact that he talks about anything but that subject means he is still not ready to handle it. Despite that, you should remind him every time you converse that you are available whenever he feels like discussing his issues.


Speak Wisely

When chatting with a friend who lives with PTSD, it matters to be aware of every word that comes out of your mouth. Remember that he is in a fragile mental state at the moment. You cannot joke around carelessly and expect him to laugh with you. Likewise, you should avoid dropping sentences like “I understand what you are going through” or “I can imagine how much pain you are dealing with,” especially if you have never experienced post-traumatic stress before. There are better things to say to this person – you merely have to think.


Introduce A Good Counseling Program

Finally, it will not hurt to search for a trustworthy counseling facility for your friend even if he has not agreed to go to one yet. It is common for patients of trauma to refuse to get psychological help when they do not believe that there’s a problem or they do not know the counselor who will administer the treatment. However, once you are confident about the therapeutic program you found, you can talk about its benefits and hopefully encourage your friend to at least go to a consultation.


Source: defense.gov

In Conclusion

PTSD is a treacherous disease, in the sense that you cannot instantly tell if someone has it. After all, it is not merely a condition for soldiers who have seen and experienced the terrors of war. Anyone who has dealt with or witnessed a loved one deal with violence can acquire this disorder.

Nevertheless, when you open your heart and mind to friends living with PTSD, you can undoubtedly help them overcome it in time.

Beauty Rest: How To Achieve It The Easy Way


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As much as you love sleep, how many hours of it can you get every night?

It’s highly essential for you to be aware of the actual numbers as they can affect every aspect of your life – even beauty. In case you slumber for less than three hours, for instance, you may get a headache and have a shorter fuse than usual the next day. Seeing the massive bags under the eyes may also stress you out. Should you gain over six hours of sleep, however, you’ll wake up with a clear mind, a confident heart, and better-looking skin.

Here are the tips on how to achieve beauty rest the easy way.



Keep Gadgets Away From You

Isn’t it relaxing to scroll through social networking sites or play online games while lying down on your comfortable bed? There’s no doubt about that, but you should restrain yourself from reaching for the mobile device if you want to sleep well tonight.

The reason is that the texts and images make your brain extra alert. Rather than transmitting time-out signals to the rest of your body, the activity does the opposite. Thus, you stay up until the wee hours, which isn’t okay for your health.

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